Privacy Policy / “Overcoming Weaknesses Scrapbook” Application

*Collection of Personal Information

This application uses Google Ads and Google AdMob for ad delivery, and Google Firebase Analytics for usage analysis.

*About advertising

In this application, the following ad-serving companies may automatically acquire the user’s information for the purpose of ad distribution. For information on the information to be obtained, the purpose of use, and provision to third parties, please refer to the following links to the application privacy policies of the ad-serving companies.

AdMob (Google Inc.)

Advertising – Privacy & Terms – Google

Google Ad Policy

Advertising – Privacy & Terms – Google

*About Usage Analysis

This application uses Firebase (Google Inc.) as a tool to collect application usage data for reference in future development, and Firebase may automatically acquire user information. Please click on the Google Privacy Policy link below to learn more about the information we collect, how we use it, and how we provide it to third parties.

Google Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google